The Best Tools For Researching Keywords on Amazon

Targeting the right keywords on Amazon is probably the smartest way to boost your revenues. Since you’re using the phrases buyers actually ‘use’, you naturally get to tap into a massive customer base. But how exactly do you target quality keywords? Well, this is where an Amazon keyword tool comes to play. These tools are easy to use and incredibly functional. The best part: they generate a list of just the right keywords almost instantly. Over the next few sections of this article, we will talk about the best free and paid keyword research tools on Amazon.

The Best Paid Tools for Researching Keywords

If you’re looking to shell out some money to target the right keywords, check this list for a list of the best paid tools.


If you’re looking to target the right key phrases, JungleScout might be your next best friend! This app comes with a dedicated feature that allows you to target the niche phrases that are actually searched by Amazon buyers. The list of phrases is also generated by the demand, the niche of your product, and other additional parameters. Overall, this feature is great and we’d certainly recommend this application for this perk. This tool currently starts at $39.

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Amazon Keyword Tool

This software does exactly what you’d expect out of it. It helps target the right key word depending on the demand and the search volume. It works really fast and the results are generated almost instantly. You’d probably find your way around this tool even if you aren’t as experienced with handling detailed keyword research. The pricing of this tool starts from $69 a month.

Keyword Tool Dominator

The dominator is driven to help you rank at the top amid all your competitors. The functionalities and simple and it'll barely take you a few seconds to get the keywords. The biggest benefit of this web app is the fact that it is available at varying price points. So, explore your options and choose the one that works best for your needs. This app is available at a flat fee of $39.89.

IO Scout

IO Scout Keyword Finder also known as IO Scout Keyword Scout. Available in five different countries, this application will help you create the right key phrases according to the customers’ buying habits. As of now, you will also have the option of choosing this tool depending on the varying price points. The app starts from packages as low as $29.

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Viral Launch

If you didn’t already know, Viral Launch comes with a special feature that’ll help you pull up your amazon keyword ranking. Generating the most updated and well-researched keywords, this feature will help you target your potential audience faster and better. You can purchase Launch at $71 a month.

Helium 10

Whether you’re a search engine expert or a regular Amazon merchant who’s just getting started, Helium 10 comes with some of the best offerings for you. This software has a key phrase processor by the name of Frankenstein. Additionally, it is also powered by a Magnet research option that helps you target the most relevant keywords. You can use this web application to search up to twenty key phrases free of cost.

Seller App

This amazon keyword search tool will locate the keywords that can indeed drive clients to purchase your product. To make things easier for merchants, it also shows up details about the search visibility, overall position, and other relevant details. Pricing starts from $49.99.

Ama Suite

For this tool, just enter the keyword you’re looking to target. Right after that, it will generate a list of related keywords that can be used in your respective listing. This app is available at $197. However, you will also have the flexibility of paying it four small installments. 


Following the same norm as other common tools, Kparser will generate results after you enter one or more phrases. This application also offers you the flexibility of segregating keywords depending on specific categories. You can use its features with a small fee of $4.99 (monthly). 

The Best Tools for Free Keyword Research

Yes, you can now conduct keyword research without shelling out a single penny. Here’s a list of applications that’ll help you with this goal.

Keywords Everywhere

If you’re wondering how to choose keywords for Amazon, this is an application you should try. Available as a free extension, this app lets you check and target key phrases depending on their overall search volume.

Amazon Autocomplete

This is an in-house feature, whereby all you need to do is enter a word or phrase in Amazon's search bar. Once you do this, you'll get a list of related phrases the same way you get them on Google. This is indeed an excellent free Amazon keyword tool.


This is one of the Amazon SEO tools that generate data directly from Amazon. The generated information is quick, accurate, and extremely insightful.

Google Keyword Planner

If you want to invest in a quality free tool, this keyword planner from Google will certainly exceed your needs. With a simple working mechanism, all this planner requires from you is to enter the phrase you’re looking to target. Once you do this, it’ll get you a list of similar phrases depending on their specific search volumes.

Final Words

Now that you have complete clarity about keyword research, what’s keeping you waiting? Explore both the free and paid applications/extensions, to zero in on the most useful product from the list.


Q. What does it mean by Amazon Keywords?

A. Just like the key phrases on Google, Amazon has a list of targeted phrases that buyers use while searching for an item. You can increase the ranking and visibility of your listing by targeting the right phrases.

Q. Does keyword targeting on Amazon have an upper limit?

A. Currently, this eCommerce giant allows you to use a maximum of 250 characters in your backend key phrases.

Q. Can I use search engine optimization on Amazon?

A. Yes, you can certainly use SEO on Amazon by refining your listing with relevant and heavily searched keywords.

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