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Selling products on Amazon is comfortable and generates a quite steady income. Selling stuff taking advantage of the Fulfillment By Amazon service makes this even more convenient! How and why? Read our quick Amazon FBA Guide to find out!

What is Amazon FBA?

The first question any sane person would ask. What the holy heck is FBA? FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon, which is a service provided by the largest retail company on this Earth. Those who already use it love it, and those who need some workload taken from them will love it — a lot. 

The Amazon FBA business model is a bit different: in this case, you manufacture the product, or you run a store and want to sell stuff online, but you don’t have to worry about shipping sold items one by one to one customer after another. Instead of this hideous work, you have to prepare your products, set a shipping plan, and ship everything to an Amazon fulfillment center. They will handle the rest; you only have to keep track of your inventory, add-remove-update products, and help your customers with their issues.

Amazon FBA - How to sell?

FBA selling is quite an easy thing to do. All you need is the products, your account, and a plan. Don’t do business without a plan! Let’s assume you have everything in order. How to start Amazon FBA selling?

  1. You have to create your account, go through the verification, and of course, have your product ready.
  2. Create your listings, update high-quality photos, add details - in short: upload your items.
  3. Make sure the products are ready to be transported and delivered.
  4. Set up your shipping plan, choose a carrier, and have your products go on their way to a fulfillment center.

Top 3 of the best Amazon FBA product research tools

The software solutions provided by the three websites below are undoubtedly the best ones around. These three tools are your best choices to find a working niche and profitable products.

IO Scout

IO Scout is a rather new player in the Amazon product research arena, but it’s on the right track to becoming a world-renown software. With this tool, you may perform both product research and tracking, grant access to members, and of course, save some money on the subscription price, compared to the competitions. A free Chrome extension is also included.

best products to sell on amazon fba

Seller Labs

Seller Labs FBA tool is sophisticated software, with numerous features at your disposal. Apart from the keywords and product research capabilities, Seller Labs grants you access to PPC campaign tools and a means for review automation.

Jungle Scout

For most Amazon FBA sellers, this one doesn’t need any introduction. Jungle Scout is a long-time giant of this industry, and it’s still rocking hard. It’s not the cheapest solution, but the tools provided by it are pretty cool and offer a lot of insight into products and competition.

The benefits of FBA

Here are some of the essential benefits of Amazon FBA:

  • Reputation: it’s hard to compete with more than 20 years of online presence. Amazon is an expression; it’s an online entity. By using FBA, you have the option to utilize the power of this entity.
  • Traffic: from more than 2 billion buyers’ traffic every month, you have a better chance of selling your product at Amazon than on your website, channel, or social media page.
  • Less work: since the Fulfillment by Amazon offers you packing, shipping, and storing, and you have a lot less to worry about. You can do most of your tasks on a tablet, with only a few hours a day spent with work!

The disadvantages of FBA

There are few not-so-great things about Amazon FBA, but these things you can handle.

  • Costs: Amazon isn’t a charity - you take advantage of its services, you have to pay for it (storage, shipping, etc.).
  • Timed payments: Payments are processed every 14 days, which means you get paid twice a month, so it wouldn’t hurt to come up with a good capital management plan.
  • Labeling: a horrific and tedious task, which eats time and money. You must label your items with a barcode, for example.
  • Loyalty: the truth is, even if you are a successful Amazon seller, there is a high chance your buyers are loyal to the brand Amazon, not you. 

Final thoughts

Taking advantage of being an Amazon FBA seller has its ups and downs. However, it’s an excellent way to reach a vast customer base. With a careful choice of products and a subtle strategy, your success is just around the corner!

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