Buying and selling on Amazon has become a very difficult task with the streams of sellers joining Amazon daily. Even after trying Amazon FBA, I thought there was going to be an improvement but I was wrong. In the market today, to stand tall among the competition, you have to be properly informed on certain things which include:

  • The products people are buying more on Amazon.
  • Most searched keywords for products in niche.
  • The price your competitors are selling the same products you offer.
  • Most visited niche on Amazon

These pieces of information listed above would allow you stay one step ahead of your competition on Amazon. With this, you can make decisions concerning the products you will include in your listing, price rate and so on. Without wasting so much time, during manual research on search engines like Google, YouTube, or Amazon itself, several software has been developed to deliver these pieces of information and more quickly and easily. An example is AMZScout.

However, with the streams of Amazon retail tools out in the market, it is hard to know the one that will serve it purpose adequately. In this article, we will be reviewing AMZScout, one of Amazon’s online tool.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZ Scout is a product research tool created to give essential information for managing one's business on Amazon. IO Scout software for Amazon sellers is a great alternative AMZ Scout. AMZ Scout is a web app which can help Amazon sellers search for lucrative products and niches on Amazon.

Digital instruments always make things easier especially when they are automated. With a single click, your data is available and ready for use. AMZScout is one of those digital instruments developed to make life easier for Amazon sellers in terms of making useful information available and reachable.

AMZScout is accessible as a web app and as browser extension. It assists Amazon sellers in searching for lucrative products to sell. People who make use of AMZScout will be able to get any statistics of any product being sold through Amazon, to keep track of sales, check sales history of any product and to search for what is trending on Amazon.

Stay alert as we carefully talk on AMZScout, its features and benefits

Important Features of AMZ Scout Review

This article was written with the aim to ascertain whether this digital Amazon tool is good for amazon sellers or not. There is no better way to do that than checking out the features it offers to Amazon sellers. After making an in-depth research, we discovered the following:

1.   Sales Estimates

To find if a product is good to sell or not, you need the estimated number of sales in the niche daily, monthly or yearly. This tool will inform you whether it’s a good deal or not.

2.   Revenue Estimates

How much revenue has this product acquired? Surely, there are people selling this product you are trying sell already. This tool gives you the answer to the question. Once you can get the amount of revenue generated, you can make a decision.

3.   Spy on Competition

This is my favorite tool, starting from the name to its functions. It is what the name implies, “spy on competition.” With this tool, you get to spy on the competition literally. Compare their prices, check their sales history and other information you may need to get ahead and improve your game.

4.   Keywords Explorer

Never neglect the importance of keywords while running an Amazon business. Most customers, when searching for a product on Amazon, make use of the Amazon search engine to find what they are looking for. Understanding the most searched keywords in your niche will help improve your product ranking such that customers will see your page once they search for it.

5.   Fulfillment Details

This one is useful for those making use of Amazon FBA. With this tool, you can get access to the FBA prices of every single product.

There are many other features AMZScout offers (such as Amazon fba calculator, Amazon pro and Amazon chrome extension) , all directed to make Amazon a profitable place for you. However, we only managed to fish out the most important ones.


Before concluding this AMZScout review, I think it is important we check its benefits as well as setbacks. Here below we have a collated a few of them. 


  • It gives information about a product's demand and the potential of a seller’s competition.
  • It gives the exact profit calculator.
  • Add-ons and extensions are always available for more detailed product information.


o  It only concentrates on product research.


AMZScout gives Amazon sellers opportunity to gain more insight on the products they plan to sell, spy on the competition and make quality product research. All these can help in making decisions that benefit in the long run on Amazon. 

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