10 Incredible Plant-Based Creamy Sauces for Perfect Pasta Dishes

You can’t go wrong with pasta if you want a hearty and satisfying meal that can be made quickly. It’s great for weekday lunches after a long day at work, the kids often love it, and the crowd loves it.

Sometimes all you want from pasta is a big scoop of your favorite pesto, or a generous dab of olive oil, salt, and some nutritional yeast. But there are times when you’re looking for a delicious creamy sauce to pour over pasta and fill your stomach and heart!

Check out these delicious OGP recipes for the creamiest pasta sauces you could ever want.

1. Mushroom Tomato Pasta Sauce

Mushroom tomato pasta sauce

Source: Mushroom tomato pasta sauce/One green planet

This mushroom tomato pasta sauce from Nele Liivlaid is really quick and easy to make and uses pantry staples. You can make a big batch to have pasta dishes and even rice or Buddha bowls on hand. Coconut milk gives it that extra creaminess you’re looking for.

2. Creamy red lentil paste

Creamy red lentil paste

Source: Creamy Red Lentil Paste / One Green Planet

Try Stephanie Weiss’ Creamy Red Lentil Pasta if you’re looking for a protein-rich and nutritious pasta sauce. Adding the sauce to the blender gives it a rich, creamy texture. You can garnish the dish with vegan Parmesan and crushed walnuts.

3. Sweet potato ravioli with creamy white sauce

Sweet potato ravioli with creamy white sauce

Source: Sweet potato ravioli with creamy white sauce / One Green Planet

You can use the sauce from this Taavi Moore Sweet Potato Creamy White Sauce Ravioli recipe with any pasta you like. But ravioli with sweet potatoes – this is something! The almond milk sauce is flavored with tarragon, garlic and a little nutmeg, making it ideal for all types of pasta dishes.

four. Creamy spaghetti with forest mushrooms

Creamy spaghetti with forest mushrooms

Source: Creamy Wild Mushroom Spaghetti / One Green Planet

These creamy spaghetti with wild mushrooms from Anna Bannister are a recipe that will surprise your dinner guests and delight you. Ten ingredients come together to make the creamiest and most decadent pasta sauce you’ll ever taste. This dish is filled with a rich, savory and herbal flavor that will have you coming back for seconds.

5. Salad with creamy pasta

Creamy Pasta Salad

Source: Creamy Pasta Salad / One Green Planet

Here is a great dish to share at parties and picnics. Make this creamy pasta salad from Chris Dee and have your friends pester you for the recipe. Vegan mayonnaise and sour cream help turn it into a creamy, creamy pasta sauce that’s also rich in chickpea protein.

6. Pasta with creamy chestnut pesto

Pasta with creamy chestnut pesto

Source: Cream Chestnut Pesto Pasta / One Green Planet

You must try this cozy, creamy, cheesy and earthy creamy chestnut pesto pasta from Louise and Nico. It is dedicated to three traditional Italian ingredients: la Castagna (chestnut), la nocciola (hazelnut) and bronze-cut spaghetti. Try this recipe if you want to cook something unusual.

7. Baked penne with creamy tomato sauce

Baked penne with creamy tomato sauce

Source: Baked penne with creamy tomato sauce / One Green Planet

Baked pasta is one of the most satisfying meals you can make, and this Baked Penne with Creamy Tomato Sauce from Chris Dee is no exception. It has all the creamy and gooey cheesiness needed in the perfect pasta baking. This is a great dish for busy weekday evenings.

8. Cajun Sweet Potato Rigatoni with Cabbage

Cajun Sweet Potato Rigatoni with Cabbage

Source: Cajun Sweet Potato Rigatoni with Kale/One Green Planet

Mashed sweet potatoes and bits of coconut cream make this Shanika Graham-White Sweet Potato Kale Cajun Rigatoni the perfect creamy pasta dish. The Cajun seasoning gives it that familiar tangy flavor, while the kale fills it with nutrients. You can enjoy this sauce with all kinds of pasta.

9. Creamy Roasted Red Peppers and Mushroom Sauce

Creamy Roasted Red Peppers and Mushroom Sauce

Source: Creamy Roasted Red Peppers and Mushroom Sauce / One Green Planet

Here is another comfort food recipe to add to your menu. Maria Koutsoyannis Roasted Red Pepper Mushroom Creamy Sauce is made from roasted red peppers, mushrooms and cashew nuts, which are blended together until a smooth creamy mass is obtained. Nutritional yeast is added for a light cheesiness.

ten. Creamy taco paste in a black bean pot

Creamy taco paste in a black bean pot

Source: One-Pot Creamy Taco Pasta with Black Beans / One Green Planet

Make tacos and pasta in one go with this creamy black bean taco pasta from Maggie Wescott. The pasta is cooked in enchilada sauce and then topped with creamy vegan yogurt for a dish that combines the flavors of two of your favorite cuisines!

Learn how to cook plant-based food at home

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