10 Reasons to Visit Portland, Oregon This Spring

Portland is a city that’s easy to check on regularly because promising new places are popping up, especially restaurants and bars. all time. Spring is officially in the air, and summer is just around the corner, and right now – in anticipation of the upcoming tourist rush – is the time to plan a trip to the City of Roses.

Below are 10 reasons why you should visit Portland, Oregon this spring.

Ace Hotel Portland

Old becomes new again in this Portland mainstay. While the boutique hotel, which occupies a historic downtown building, has retained its trendy reputation since opening in 2007, the pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to switch and refresh. The 79 rooms are lighter and brighter than ever with crisp coloring, lots of added greenery and custom touches like slatted walls, APC denim blankets and black chairs. While the Clyde Common’s restaurant unfortunately closed earlier this year, The Pantry instead serves a daily complimentary breakfast of Stumptown coffee, Smith tea and St. honore.

Kimpton Riverplace Hotel

Despite being one of Portland’s most classic hotels, the Kimpton RiverPlace manages to feel reserved for those in the know, which is a surprise given its picturesque waterfront location, 84 rooms and suites designed in a beautiful style inspired by house. and a new chef at the King Tide Fish and Shell restaurant. Peruvian-born Alexandre Diestra brings his 18 years of experience to the revamped menu, which features delectable seafood dishes with Peruvian and Japanese accents. His Kanpachi Crudo, for example, consists of slices of oily fish seasoned with avocado, capers, blood orange and chili sauce, so each bite is equal parts savory, spicy and spicy.

Albina soul walk

Available for free on the ECHOES mobile app, Albina Soul Walk is a one-mile, self-guided audio tour created by artist Megan Hattie Stahl, curated by Bobby Smith, and narrated by lifelong Portland musicians Calvin Walker and Norman Sylvester. It explores how the Northeast area was once home to an incredibly vibrant soul music scene from the 1960s to the 1980s and slowly fell apart due to systemic racism and gentrification.


This is not new. Technically, it’s not even Portland, although Beaverton is a short drive from downtown. But this charming and inviting Japanese bakery, owned by expert baker Hiro Horie, is an absolute must when you’re in town. While Oyatsupan bakes around 70 treats from scratch, you can’t go wrong with more classics like soft and slightly sweet milk bread – Hori’s dough is fermented for 24 hours – a custard egg salad sandwich and savory beef curry doughnuts. .

Phuket Cafe

Since Hot Spot Phuket Cafe doesn’t take reservations, arrive at least ten minutes before opening – yes, there will already be a line – to get a table. Your patience will be rewarded by chef and owner Akkapong “Earl” Ninsom with a creative Thai-inspired menu of savory-sweet roti with pandan cheese (add salmon roe), savory striped bass ceviche, and amazing Thai paella with plump mussels and ” dry sauce. tom yum. Leave room for a pancake cake flavored with black sesame, coffee and passion fruit.

Lazy Susan

Another of Earl Ninsom’s trendy establishments, Lazy Susan in Montaville serves affordable and hearty meals, many of which are grilled. Start with a smoked whitefish smeared with fried salty sauce, then dip into the Backyard BBQ Grill Burger. One of the best in town, this version with beef patty, American cheese, special sauce and pickles is everything a burger should be: simple and hearty. Even better? It comes with two superbly crispy pancakes.

Saint Beatrix

Almost impossible to get into St. Beatrix, a tiny but powerful bakery owned by Jess Smith, unwilling to try, well, everything. And that’s because of Smith’s penchant for unexpected yet surprisingly appealing flavor pairings—during my visit, there were coconut blackberry marshmallow muffins and green chili, cheddar, and cream cheese scones—and her very pretty cakes garnished with fresh flowers.

Sports bra

Jenny Nguyen opened The Sports Bra on Northeast Broadway for one reason: to eliminate the glaring disparity between men’s and women’s sports. To that end, her smartly named bar is dedicated exclusively to women’s sports. From paraphernalia adorning the space to women’s games on TV screens, everything here supports women’s largely overlooked athetic achievements.


Gabbiano has everything you’d expect from a classic red sauce establishment. The atmosphere is relaxed and lively, and the portions are generous. But where it differs from other old school places is in its slightly sublime recipes. Spaghetti with marinara is made from chewy handmade noodles drizzled with silky and buttery tomato sauce, while the popular fried mozzarella is shaped like “shots” and stuffed with homemade marinara.

Mikiko Mochi Donuts

The nationwide mochi donut trend landed in Rose City at Mikiko Mochi Donuts. Owned by work and life partners Alex McGillivray and Emily Mikiko Strocher, this cozy Northeast store offers chewy, chewy treats in whimsical flavors like Yuzu Vanilla Funfetti and Horchata Pudding. And because they’re baked, dairy-free, and gluten-free, you can treat yourself to more than one meal.


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