Alaska Copper River Sockeye Available at Local Retail Stores

Summer grilling season starts with copper sockeye salmon

CORDOVA A.K. / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2022 / The Mednaya River sockeye salmon season, which opened on May 16, is in full swing. Renowned for its pristine freshness, deep red color and luscious flavor, this wild Alaskan salmon is carefully processed and shipped quickly to retailers across the country.

Caught by independent commercial fishermen, Copper River Sockeye is available fresh from May to August each year and is suitable for frying, roasting, stewing and even pickling. A six-ounce serving takes less than ten minutes to prepare and is rich in both omega-3 fatty acids and immune-boosting vitamin D.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife carefully regulates the fishery in accordance with the Alaska State Constitution, and as of May 25, two commercial fishing starts have been opened, resulting in a total catch of 24,500 sockeye salmon from the Copper River. Consumer demand for Copper River sockeye has remained strong for decades as Copper River’s small fleet has a longstanding commitment to quality, carefully crafting every fish they catch.

According to Chief Executive Christa Hoover, “Our fleet prioritizes quality, gentle handling, bleeding and refrigerating every fish as soon as it is caught, ensuring that the fish’s inherent characteristics are captured and preserved for the consumer.” It’s attention to detail pays off at the seafood counter, where Copper River sockeye sits on flake ice and takes center stage during the summer months.

David Levy, Seafood Category Manager for Urban and Rural Markets in Poulsbo, Washington, says: “We always look forward to the opening of the Copper River sockeye salmon season as it marks the start of fresh salmon season and marks the start of summer grilling. When I grill it, I like to keep it simple as I love the taste. A little seasoning salt and a little garlic for me. That’s all. The most important thing we tell people is not to digest. Take it off the heat just before it’s almost done!

Additional recipes and cooking information can be found at the Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association’s recipe page.

To find Copper River salmon in your area, search for them on the Association’s fish finder. Follow TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates and inspiration.

About Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association:

The Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association (CR/PWS ​​MA), a fisherman-funded non-profit regional seafood development association, works on behalf of more than 500 commercial salmon fishermen in the south-central Alaskan coastal region. The association works to increase brand awareness and consumer preference for wild copper royal sockeye, sockeye salmon and coho salmon, as well as sockeye from Prince William Sound, chum salmon and pink salmon.

For more information please contact:
Christa Hoover, Executive Director
[email protected]
Copper River Marketing Association / PWS
Box 199, Cordova, Alaska 99574
t: 907-424-3459

SOURCE: Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association

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