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Today Candy Kittens announces the release of new FAVORITE Candy Kittens. This latest product complements their hugely popular confectionery line to celebrate the spectrum of love in today’s society by using vibrant dopamine-inducing colors to bring positivity and happiness into their customers’ lives. Candy Kittens LOVES comes with a limited edition packaging design created by contemporary illustrator Ruby Taylor. Known for her bright and colorful illustrations, she draws inspiration from pop culture, everyday life, and the female experience. She incorporated the style into her limited edition Candy Kittens LOVES, creating a design that appeals to the Candy Kittens audience.

This new product style is in line with the latest color trends in the F&B industry and beyond. Today’s consumer prefers bold, vibrant colors from the clothes they wear to the food they eat. Gone are the days when bright colors hinted that a product had been chemically enhanced. Colorful fruit is nature’s confection, so a fruit juice product like Candy Kittens should reflect that.

Candy Kittens is already the coolest cat in the confectionery industry, and their recent collaboration with contemporary illustrator Ruby Taylor further demonstrates this. Her work explores the themes of empowerment and self-worth, two important lessons for the Candy Kittens audience, and the limited edition packaging design allows Candy Kittens to deliver that important message of positivity and self-love to its customers.

Ruby Taylor says: “It was an honor to work with Candy Kittens on their first edition of CK LOVES! Using the rainbow as a starting point, I wanted to emphasize the natural ingredients and create the feeling that the packaging is filled with color and flavor. I love the design and hope Candy Kittens customers do too!”

A favorite of the millennial generation for its conscientious and stylish range, Candy Kittens has always gone against the grain. The purposeful creation of a modern youth confectionery brand, a smart strategy that has created a cult following among millennials—a demographic with powerful purchasing power—has helped drive the brand’s exponential growth since its launch in 2012, with sales up 80% year-on-year.

Co-Founder and MD Ed Williams says, “We’ve always believed in bringing love and joy to our customers, and we’ve created a new dopamine-infused sweet that evokes colors and flavors, as well as a collaboration with the incredibly talented Ruby Taylor. . Ruby’s illustrations bring our taste and aroma to life! Together with CK LOVES, we have created a platform to share love, positivity and self-confidence.”

Like the entire Candy Kittens line, Candy Kittens LOVES are vegan, free of artificial colors and flavors, and 100% recyclable. The carbon-neutral brand takes its responsibility for its environmental impact very seriously, sourcing only honest ingredients and refusing to use palm oil or animal gelatin in any of its products.
Never sacrificing taste, Candy Kittens LOVES does not disappoint in taste, each bite is infused with a delicious fruity aroma. Provide more of that “give me more” feeling that customers have come to know and love!
Delicious Candy Kittens LOVES (recommended price £2.50 – 140g) available from 16 May at and at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

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