Do you love Italian cuisine? Here are 7 restaurants to be among the best in Aberdeen

There’s a reason La Dolche Vita is an Italian phrase.

Good Life can be found throughout Italy. And partly because of the quality of the food.

Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world and will be a real treat for those looking for a great dinner.

There are quite a few fantastic eateries in Aberdeen, so we’ve compiled a list of the very best.

Whether it’s pasta, pizza or Italian salads, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. And discover your very own Good Life right at your doorstep.

Address: 62 Union Row, AB10 1SA.

This family-run trattoria promises to take visitors back to the 1950s with its traditional selection of Italian dishes.

Rustico has been an integral part of the Aberdeen restaurant scene for some time now and its experience shows that it offers some of the best Italian food in the city.

And it’s always fun to explore the nooks and crannies of a Summer Street follower.

Each visit seems to open up a new corner of the restaurant, which is definitely bigger inside than it appears from the outside.

Address: 119 Rosemount Place, AB25 2YH.

This Rosemount gem is something of a hidden secret. But once you discover homemade pasta – and especially tiramisu – you’ll tell everyone you know about it.

The Pasta Plus Shop and Restaurant offers a wide selection of delicacies including Italian sausages, ham and sandwiches.

The restaurant is an extension of the store and offers authentic Italian food for the great and kind people of Rosemount.

Simple and well prepared is the motto of Pasta Plus. Takeaway food is also available.

Address: 7 Little Belmont Street, AB10 1JG.

Poldino’s has been serving Aberdeen since 1977 and has developed an outstanding reputation during this time.

Lee Godini, son of founder Leo, now leads and continues his father’s legacy of simple, quality ingredients and classic Italian dishes.

Pollo cacciatora, scallop and shrimp pasta, ravioli, and a range of other pasta, pizza and salad dishes are what you need at Poldino’s.

A must visit for anyone taking a tour of the best Italian restaurants in Aberdeen.

Address: 337 N Deeside Rd, Peterculter, AB14 0NA.

This excellent restaurant is a bit out of town – in nearby Petercoulter – but well worth a visit for anyone looking for great Italian food in Aberdeen.

It is, of course, much closer than Italy. And why go there if Borsalino brings you Italy?

The restaurant is decorated in green and white tones that mimic the rolling Italian countryside.

And the food is just as authentic as it is in the northeast.

Just be sure to book in advance. The place is getting busy.

Address: 80-82 Huntley Street, AB10 1TD.

Known to many as Mi Amore, this Huntley Street trattoria is highly respected by Aberdeen Italian food lovers.

The dishes are unpretentious, unpretentious, but very tasty – an ideal place for a family dinner or a cozy dinner for two.

The price is correspondingly high, and a visit to Amore could easily cost two people over £100 when you factor in the wine and a couple of Italian beers.

But if you like Italian food, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Address: 1 Alford Lane, AB10 1YB

If you’re looking for authentic Italian food in Aberdeen, Da Vinci Italian Restaurant is the place to go.

Alford Lane Restaurant also has a wide selection of dishes for vegans or those who want to eat less meat.

There are five different appetizers to accompany the main courses, including vegan lasagna, mushroom and truffle penne, and a layered Mediterranean eggplant dish.

You can always have a great time at Da Vinci on Alford Lane.

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[Love Italian food? Here’s 7 restaurants to get some of the best in Aberdeen]


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