Enjoy French decadence at Mes Amis, Lincoln Carson’s New Hollywood restaurant.

Inside the new Hollywood Mes Amis is a glow that seems to be something otherworldly. Wilcox Avenue Restaurant is truly anachronistic from the outside, a throwback spot for muted gem tones, large ceilings, and views of burnished brass and patinated marble that may seem vulgar in inexperienced hands, but here they feel deep and loved. Make no mistake, this dining restaurant from Chef Lincoln Carson and the Ten Five Hospitality is brand new – it actually opens on Friday, May 27th – it’s just that the energy of the room is completely drawn from another moment.

The design of this restaurant is not only purposeful, recreating the old Hollywood style and charm that has become so popular in Los Angeles lately, but also personal to Lincoln, a celebrated lifelong hospitality veteran who has participated in dozens of openings in recent years. decades. In Mes Amis, he honors the past, but is unfazed by the closure of his previous French restaurant, Bon Temps, in the arts district. Despite national acclaim, Carson and his team failed to survive the pandemic. Now there is this project, a place where Carson (and some former Bon Temps employees) can move towards a new purpose in the heart of the city’s hottest eatery. This is the place to honor their history and Hollywood history while throwing a damn modern party.

Discussing Mes Amis, Carson speaks of “the flamboyance of French cafe culture” and “celebration of the joy of food”, alluding to the upbeat evenings expected at a fine French restaurant. Spread over 6,000 square feet of mostly outdoor indoor dining space (with the exception of a leafy patio and separate dining area), the establishment, built by design studio Martin Brudnicki and Bernadette Blanc, is perfect for summer gatherings at long banquets or in a spacious booth. . Bistro-style chairs are adorned with oversized cushions, and large, subdued pendant lights hang over the room, along with vintage black-and-white photographs of past L.A. parties. A wide selection of celebratory sparkling wines and a mobile champagne cart at night will also help spice things up.

Upscale bistro and lots of greenery

The bar will no doubt become a stage of its own, a place where bands can dine together under floating bottles. Of course, there will be cocktails, including gins and lillet blanc, as well as invigorating glasses of rye whiskey, French aperitifs and herbs de Provence. In terms of food, Carson’s team at Mes Amis will offer diners a range of dishes, from seafood starters like raw scallop and shrimp bar towers to heartier options like toasted duck pâté or a savory vegetable galette. There will also be traditional brasserie specials such as au poivre steak, whole lobster poached with charred onions, and Wellington large-form lamb. The start menu is below.

From Friday, visitors can find Mes Amis cooking at 1541 Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood, steps away from Mother Wolf, Ka’Teen and the rest of the Ten Five Hospitality complex. There will be Carson in his chef’s white suit, no doubt watching the room from a semi-open kitchen at the back of the building. He’s not hiding – not with this food, not in this place – but he’s ready to go back to party in LA again. Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday, from 17:30 to 22:00, in the following months there will be brunch; Reservations can be made on Resy.

Close-up of a seafood dish, including oysters and shrimp.

Close-up of the Grand Clam Plateau

1541 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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