I tried all of Wendy’s sandwiches for breakfast and ranked them from worst to best.

On the left, the writer is holding a brown bag of Wendy's food.  On the right is Wendy's breakfast bacon in a white wrapper.

I tried 11 breakfast sandwiches from Wendy’s fast food chain.Savannah Swain-Wilson

  • I tried all 11 of Wendy’s breakfast sandwiches and ranked them from worst to best.

  • I didn’t like the bread in most of the “classic” variations of the chain, which was like a bun.

  • Hot chicken biscuit with honey is probably the best fast food breakfast sandwich I have ever had.

Wendy’s started selling breakfast again in 2020.

Writer holding Wendy's brown paper bag

Wendy’s offers quite a variety of breakfast sandwiches.Savannah Swain-Wilson

Wendy’s has had many failed breakfast attempts over the past 30 years, but the chain has officially brought back its breakfast menu in 2020.

From biscuits and croissants to sausages and crispy chicken, the chain offers a wide variety of breakfast options.

As part of an ongoing streak of finding the best fast food breakfast sandwiches, I spent several months trying all the options at various Wendy’s locations in California, ranking them from worst to best.

The sausage biscuit was a decent no frills option.

Wendy's sausage cookies on a white wrapper

The biscuit was quite good.Savannah Swain-Wilson

This sandwich was pretty simple – it’s literally a biscuit with a sausage patty in between.

Of course, basic doesn’t necessarily mean bad. If you’re in the mood for a light snack to get through the morning, this sandwich is for you.

Wendy’s reportedly tested over 50 different cookie recipes, and the version the chain settled on was one of the best fast food cookies I’ve ever tried.

Although it was thinner, it was perfectly loose on the outside and soft on the inside. The smaller size also contributed to a more balanced bread to meat ratio. It was quite salty, with a mild creamy taste, and all this without fat. I just wish it was a little sweeter.

Wendy’s sausage was good, but the taste wasn’t memorable enough to stand up to it. The square-shaped patty had a mostly meat flavor with a mild presence of black pepper. A layer of cheese would really make it popular.

The egg and cheese version of this sandwich costs only a dollar more, so I would choose it.

I didn’t like the bread on the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Classic Wendy sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese on white wrap

The bread was like a dry bun.Savannah Swain-Wilson

Most of the “classic” Wendy sandwiches were served in buns that looked perfectly normal. After one bite, I realized how much bread can make or break a sandwich.

The roll was dull and dry with no real flavor. It was a bit chewy in some places and tough in others, plus it wasn’t toasty.

It was also too big for a sandwich, making every slice of bread feel like a waste.

However, everything else about this sandwich was top notch, which justified the opportunity. The fried egg tasted fresh and the bacon had an intense and enticing smoky flavor.

However, you can find the same combination of bacon, eggs and cheese on much tastier bread.

The classic sausage, egg and cheese sandwich worked a little better.

Hand holding a classic Wendy sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese in front of a white wall

The egg was very fluffy.Savannah Swain-Wilson

Since this used the same bread as the last sandwich, I wasn’t thrilled with his attempt. As expected, I was not impressed, although this option was slightly better.

The sausage patty was more like a real hamburger that suited the diner better. This sandwich seemed to cater for people who would like to order a regular Wendy’s burger before 11am.

The egg in my order was very large and fluffy.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get a breakfast of sausage, eggs, and cheese, this option is great. But if you want a sandwich worth waking up for, this is probably not the best choice.

Wendy’s Breakfast Baconator is a morning take on her favorite burger.

Wedny breakfast bacon on a white wrapper

I didn’t like the inclusion of swiss cheese sauce.Savannah Swain-Wilson

Given that the bacon maker is one of Wendy’s most popular products, it only makes sense that the chain would offer a breakfast version of it.

This huge sandwich started with a layer of sausage and a few strips of thick, crispy bacon. Given the name of the dish, I didn’t really expect it to be with sausage. Apparently, it was a substitute for a hamburger patty served in a regular Baconator.

The first layer of bacon was topped with melted American cheese, an egg, another slice of cheese, and more bacon. The top layer was smeared with creamy Swiss cheese sauce.

All this somehow fit into one bun – the same bun that is used for a regular Baconator.

After the first bite, I fully understood that this is a hearty sandwich that you eat in the morning after a naughty night, but I tried it on a regular Tuesday and it was too heavy.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious. However, I didn’t like the addition of the Swiss cheese sauce, especially since there were already several slices of cheese in the sandwich. This made the food dirtier and greasy.

However, the Baconator breakfast is iconic and I will always consider it a marvel of the fast food world.

The sausage, egg and cheese croissant were excellent choices.

Hand holding Wendy's sausage, egg and croissant with cheese in front of white wrap

This Wendy sandwich cost me $1.99.Savannah Swain-Wilson

I love a good croissant sandwich in the morning and I was thrilled that this one was only $1.99.

It included sausage patties, a freshly cooked egg and a signature Swiss cheese sauce.

The croissant bun was an instant bun upgrade. It had a soft, fluffy texture and a slightly sweet flavor that went great with egg and savory sausage. It was also quite large.

However, the cheese sauce still put me off. Creamy, sweet and spicy, the mixture reminded me of a cross between fondue and mayonnaise. The taste was distracting and too fatty for a soft sandwich. Regular cheese would be much better.

However, this sandwich is a decent option if you want to try something different.

Wendy’s maple bacon chicken croissant was too sweet.

Wendy's croissant with maple bacon and chicken on white wrap

This fast food sandwich smelled delicious.Savannah Swain-Wilson

This sandwich was decadent but not as overtly heavy or meaty as breakfast baconator.

It smelled delicious. I unwrapped the foil and was greeted with swirling aromas of honey maple butter, spicy breaded chicken and smoked bacon. The croissant looked like it had just come out of the oven.

Unfortunately, the taste didn’t quite match up.

There may have been a mistake in my order, but the honey maple oil was not a cohesive blend. It spread everywhere and made this food very dirty.

It was also too sweet. The sugar detracts from the salty bacon rather than complementing it.

But this sandwich was not a lost cause. The chicken was juicy and tasty and the bacon was delicious. I can see how it works with the right sauce.

I would have liked the bacon, egg and swiss croissant better without the cheese sauce.

Wendy's bacon, egg and cheese croissant on a brown napkin

The bacon on Wendy’s breakfast sandwich was delicious and salty.Savannah Swain-Wilson

This sandwich was a significant step up from the classic bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

Bacon added a salty flavor and a chewy yet crunchy texture to a soft, slightly sweet croissant.

It was very tasty and I can only imagine how wonderful it would taste with something fresh like tomatoes or avocados.

The only thing that kept me from ranking higher was the swiss cheese sauce. It wasn’t a total deal breaker, but it made it less likely that I would order it again without modifications.

The sausage, egg and cheese biscuit had a great solid base.

Wendy's sausage, egg and cheese biscuit on white wrap

Wendy’s cookies were firm across the board.Savannah Swain-Wilson

Wendy’s take on this classic fast food breakfast is definitely worth a try. It contained a sausage patty, an egg, and American cheese sandwiched between two cookie halves.

Fried eggs and sausage were sticking out from all sides, but this dish still looked appetizing. The top turned out to be flaky, with a pleasant golden hue.

This is one of the best sausage and biscuit sandwiches I’ve had – biscuit is an excellent sandwich bread at Wendy’s. The slightly oily flavor paired well with soft sausage.

Even under the weight of the insides, the biscuit remained strong until the last bite.

It was good enough to eat just like that, but if you want to add some ketchup or hot sauce, this is a reliable and tasty option.

The honey butter chicken biscuits from the mains were balanced and flavorful.

Hand holding Wendy's chicken cookies with honey butter in front of a white wall

Honey oil tasted more like maple.Savannah Swain-Wilson

This sandwich was amazing. The chicken was very juicy and tasted fantastic with the biscuits.

Though I’m not sure why “honey oil” tastes like maple. It was very sweet and reminded me of the icing on a maple donut.

Luckily, the taste did not overshadow the taste and the taste was quite balanced.

The slightly artificial taste of the sweet butter kept me from ranking higher, but it was still a fantastic breakfast sandwich.

This has become my favorite fast food bacon, egg and cheese cookie.

Wendy with bacon, egg and cheese cookies on white wrap

I wouldn’t change anything about this breakfast sandwich.Savannah Swain-Wilson

This simple version had only the bare essentials—two strips of thick bacon, American cheese, and a fried egg.

Wendy’s has arguably the best bacon, egg and cheese cookie in all fast food. I don’t know if I can ever order this anywhere else.

It was well balanced and all the flavors paired with each other without overpowering the others. Also, every ingredient was fresh. It was also the perfect size for a breakfast sandwich.

I wouldn’t change a thing about this rendition of one of my favorite fast food breakfasts. It cost $3.99.

Wendy’s Hot Chicken Honey Cookies might be the best fast food breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had.

Wendy's hot honey chicken biscuits on a white wrapper

The hot honey paired incredibly with the crispy chicken and biscuits.Savannah Swain-Wilson

I knew from the first bite that this sandwich was the best thing that could happen to Wendy’s menu, if not all fast food.

The hot chicken biscuit with honey tasted like something from a leaky store. It was perfect in every possible way.

Hot honey is a condiment that enriches any meal, and Wendy loves habanero peppers. The medium heat practically melted on my taste buds.

Paired with crispy chicken and buttery biscuits for an incredibly sophisticated combination of flavors. This sandwich proved that less can be more.

This is the closest fast food option I have found for a restaurant quality breakfast.

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