Indulge in classic comfort with this homemade spaghetti dish.

There is a time during the holiday season that we all get to; blur parties and canapes and restaurants and what day is it today? that we understand that we just need to have dinner. Ordinary food, in our ordinary house, with our ordinary people.

For me, spaghetti is the best dinner at this busy time of the year. It’s universally enjoyable, simple to make, and convenient on many levels.

This sauce is a creation of love because it simmers for a while, but it also freezes REALLY well and is quite usable for a weekday if thawed on the counter while you wrap presents.

The secret to this sauce is to grate the vegetables, not cut them; they melt into the sauce for flavor without adding texture. The result is a rich meat sauce that is worth every step, every ingredient, every minute.

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