Overview of the Cuisinart pizza oven

Dreaming of a smoky margarita with a perfectly thin crust and melted cheese oozing from every bite, but don’t have the funds or the space for a fancy Italian-style outdoor pizza oven? The good news is that more home brands like Cuisinart are offering appliances that can help you get one step closer to your Neapolitan goals without spending money on a building project or a trip to Europe. Cuisinart’s latest offering, the 3-in-1 Plus Pizza Oven, is designed to reach sky-high temperatures for quick pies, and also doubles as a grill and pan for everyday barbecues. We test the device to see how it performs and for whom the product is best suited.

The Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus is a freestanding propane-powered outdoor grill. It is shaped like a pizza and grill oven and has a domed lid with a front window that opens up to put in and take out a cake without letting all the hot air out.

When not cooking pizza, you can use the grill grates or use the included flat top pan for plancha style cooking.

The appliance stands on short legs (it’s only 17.5 inches tall with the lid closed) and has 260 square inches of grate cooking surface. The most convenient way to use a pizza oven is to set it up on a table outside; otherwise, you will be quite far to bend over to check on dinner.

You will also need a propane tank to fuel the grill, which can reach temperatures of up to 700°F inside. This is significantly higher than most home ovens, but on par with outdoor grills. A higher temperature is great for pizza because the crust will cook quickly and brown beautifully.

Pizza oven, frying pan and grill

Pizza oven, frying pan and grill

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How does a Cuisinart pizza oven work?

To use the pizza oven, simply plug in the propane, use the control knob to ignite the flame with the lid open, and set the desired temperature. Because the oven is small, it heats up incredibly quickly. A clear thermometer on the front of the lid shows the exact internal temperature so you know when it’s time to start cooking.

The oven comes with a 13″ pizza stone that fits into small pins on the grill grate. If you are making pizza, place the stone on the grill while it heats up. The stone absorbs and retains heat incredibly well for the most evenly cooked crisp.

You will need a pizza crust (those long-handled spatulas) to carry the cake in and out of the oven. Even if you already have a home oven skin, it’s probably too big for the little trap door on the Cuisinart.

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Review: The Bottom Line

We have tested various functions and accessories on the grill. However, before we could even get to cooking, setting up the grill required following the directions seriously. The device consists of many parts, and it took some time to assemble it, but in the end we achieved our goal.

Once turned on, I was impressed with how quickly the grill reaches peak temperature, making grilling quicker and easier than using a larger stationary grill. The temperature is also restored immediately after opening and closing the lid to check your food.

I also appreciated the various accessories that make the oven more versatile, such as the pan and pizza stone. And although it is a small appliance, it has enough cooking surface for roasting vegetables or a crowd.

Pizza is a different story, however, as you can only make one 13-inch pie at a time with the stone. This means that if you are feeding a group, someone will almost always have to cook and spread the crusts while someone else tends the oven and the rest of your guests eat the hot fresh snack as soon as it arrives. .

Features 13" cordierite pizza stone

Has a 13″ cordierite pizza stone.

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Who is the best Cuisinart pizza oven for?

This oven is great for those with little outdoor space who want to grill pizza for small groups. It’s the perfect size for a condominium or apartment, and once you’ve got it set up, it’s actually easier to use.

The Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Pro is a great way to expand your culinary repertoire into outdoor cooking without having to travel to the suburbs. And if you’re already in the suburbs, grilling will be faster and restaurant pizza will be within reach. The grill is also suitable for camping and camping.

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