Picture Perfect Picnic Pairs with Crown Royal Canned Cocktails

Remember when you had to fill your own flasks and make thermoses with pre-made smoothies and punches before heading out for a picnic? Fortunately, those days are over. We live in the golden age of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, where all kinds of professional-quality drinks are readily available, using premium spirits, real juices, and natural flavors. Great cocktails to enjoy and more time to enjoy them is a pretty neat combination. All this happens in the summer when we take canned cocktails with us on the road and go on picnics to local parks and beaches. Fun food, delicious drinks and great outdoor activities – it doesn’t get any better.

But with so many options, how do you know which drinks go best with your favorite meals? Your best bet is to start with Crown Royal’s range of low-alcohol (7 percent ABV) ready-to-drink cocktails in cans. There are four different award-winning drinks—Peach Tea, Washington Apple, Whiskey & Cola, and a limited edition Whiskey Lemonade—and each pairs with a variety of favorite picnic baskets. Of course, they all have the sophisticated yet affordable Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey as their base.

Check out our selection of picnic food and drinks and get ready to pack a picnic basket, fill your fridge and have some summer fun.

Fried Chicken and Crown Royal Peach Tea

Fried chicken is a versatile dish, sure delicious right out of the fryer, but putting it in the fridge and taking it with you to a picnic the next day can be even tastier. For a flavor of fried chicken and Southern sweet tea, try Peach Tea, a perfectly balanced blend of whiskey, peach flavor and brewed tea. The combination of flavors pairs perfectly with salty and savory chicken seasonings. By the way, peach tea goes well with grilled chicken, especially if it is cooked with herbs such as rosemary or paprika.

Cheese and Crown Royal Washington Apple

Whether you’re munching on Swiss cheese and crackers or spreading creamy brie on a fresh baguette, cheese is an essential part of every picnic, whether it’s sophisticated or simple. Whiskey-Cola Crown Royal can be combined with a wide variety of cheese dishes. Cheese and apples are a classic pairing, so this Natural Apple and Cranberry Flavored Crown Royal Blend is a no-brainer. Cranberry gives a tart, slightly autumnal flavor, but it’s a flavor sensation all summer long. Tart, fruity notes create a wonderful contrast with softer cheeses like Gruyère or Gouda, while sweetness balances out the savory flavors of everything from feta to Roquefort to sharp cheddar.

Chips and dip and whiskey and crown royal cola

Most of our brains seem to be hardwired from childhood that a bag of potato chips and a can of cola is a match made in heaven, especially if you add a little onion sauce. It’s also an amazing pairing with Crown Royal whiskey and cola. Cola is a much more sophisticated drink than many of us think, especially when paired with Crown Royal Whiskey. These notes of allspice and vanilla, combined with a slight alcohol note, are somewhat reminiscent of amaro – far from childish things. And if you think it’s the perfect addition to the classic combination of potato chips and onion sauce, wait until you try it with pita chips and hummus or corn chips with fresh tomatoes and jalapeno salsa. The combination of whiskey and cola changes shape, with different characteristics coming to the fore to match the flavors of the food.

Macaroni Salad and Crown Royal Whiskey Lemonade

There’s a pasta salad for just about every taste, and you can bet that Crown Royal’s carbonated combination and natural lemon flavor will go with all of them. Its bubbles, bright citrus notes and sourness can cut through the creamiest mayonnaise pasta salad, while the sweetness and light whiskey flavor make for a great pairing with spicier fusilli and tomato salad with Italian dressing. Asian noodles like ramen or japchee are also great for a picnic, and whiskey lemonade goes great with their light soy-based dressings. It may not be possible to find a pasta salad that doesn’t pair well with whiskey lemonade, but it’s fun and delicious to try.

This article is sponsored by Crown Royal.

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