Propagation: Raspscallion in Lower Greenville closes.

More closures as networks expand, Selena Gomez releases co-branded utensils with our place. Under the pressure of Perla, much more opens up.

Welcome to Spreading, our weekly feature that aims to share all the restaurant, food and drink industry news that is printable. Except it’s the internet, so location doesn’t matter. Also: good, because this is Dallas and this city always has the latest restaurant news going out like a bang.

Local favorites close the store faster than we can grab a bite to eat.

In case you haven’t heard, Lower Greenville’s staple rogue closed its doors. Bistro was a regular at Rapscallionites, a nickname given to bistro regulars to enjoy wood-fired rib-eye with fresh seafood and indulge in an impressive wine list. The announcement was made three days before the last food distribution on May 14th.

Lower Greenville will never be the same again.

This wasn’t the only bad news for East Dallas. As we mourned the end of Rapscallion, Trompo quietly gathered and turned off the light.

This was announced by the owner Luis Olvera. Dallas Morning News the place in East Dallas is gone forever.

Trompo opened on Gaston Avenue last August and we were thrilled to have access to taquerias in both Oak Cliff and East Dallas. The loss of the Oak Cliff location last December hit us hard and we still haven’t fully recovered. We just drove comfortably to Gaston Avenue for elote en vaso with crushed tacos and tacos with fried onions, cilantro and salsa.

It’s time to reroute our GPS.

Olvera is currently running Trompo’s last leg from the ghost kitchen in Trade Plug Co.. in West Dallas and says he’s looking for a more durable brick building for Trompo. For street tacos, pack up and race to Trompo! This is not a drill!

Sonny Brian also on Lovers Lane closed May 15th. The establishment opened in March 1999 and has been profitable for 21 years, owner Brent Harman said. DMN. Despite Sonny Bryan’s fame and garnering the attention of celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse, the pandemic and supply chain issues have proven too much for Lovers. Luckily, we can still get a hot sliced ​​brisket sandwich dripping in BBQ sauce at the original Inwood Road location and Richardson location. Support the locals and eat like a celebrity. We beg you.

And while all the greats bow, we bring you the influx of chain restaurants.

Jollibee, a Filipino fast food restaurant, has announced plans to open a third DFW location in Arlington. People have been congesting Preston Road and the intersection of President George W. Bush Road for weeks, waiting up to three hours to get a bucket of Chickenjoy fried chicken topped with Jolly Spaghetti or Palabok Fiesta. It was a nightmare of a voracious movement, but those days are long gone.

The Arlington location is slated to open in March 2023, right after the Greenville Avenue location opens later this year. Yay for affordable fried chicken for everyone!

Victory Park takes part in the action, welcoming the people of New York. Craft burgers and Black Tap beer. How do you like such a sip? We hope their burgers are as big as their name. From the hidden peak DMN gave us, they!

Black Tap is an international phenomenon that operates in Las Vegas and Disneyland, as well as in Switzerland, Singapore and Iraq. Naturally, with a menu item like the Texas Burger, Dallas Black Tap was a must! His Texas burger is filled with all the basic burger ingredients — beef, cheddar and mayonnaise. The Texas flavor comes from the Sweet Baby Ray barbecue sauce and crispy onions.

Will it live up to its name? We will judge when Black Tap opens at the end of 2022.

Stop eating, we’re thirsty! AISIMI Dutch brothers opened a new location in Addison on 20 May. It’s right off Marsh Lane and Spring Valley Road, which may or may not be a pain during rush hour. Honestly, the caffeine is worth it.

For all of you health freaks, we have a drink for you too. Pressed by Pearllocal Hispanic juice bar, opens May 28 at Oak Cliff. Owner Perla Murillo uses fresh fruit to make juices without the addition of preservatives. Murillo Juices were available in pop-up stores throughout Dallas until the upcoming opening. Our favorite is Mamacita; a blend of beetroot, apple, cranberry, cucumber and pineapple, and we can’t wait to try Murillo’s latest flavor, Pinky Summer.

But listen, we get it. Inflation is real and it hurts. The endings are heartbreaking and all those openings sound great, but it adds up very quickly. Our girl Selena Gomez has our backs.

For those who want to cut back on eating out, Gomez has it right. Gomez has released a collaboration with Our place, a brand of kitchenware by Pakistani public figure Shiza Shadid. The collection is a tribute to Gomez’s Mexican heritage and comes in two colors: pink and azul.

It is so beautiful that you almost do not want to cook in it! It’s the vibe, but what we love the most is that 10% of the proceeds go to youth mental health services through the Rare Impact Fund.

Cover photo courtesy of Raspcallion on Facebook.

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