Strawberry Season Memories and Fruit Pizza Recipe

A bed of 25 strawberry plants can produce enough berries for a family.

Plump sweet berries and red juice dripping down small chins are a sure sign of the onset of summer. Ever since I was a little girl, strawberries have been at the top of the list for all of us. I will never forget my father’s “Mmm” when he thought of the first serving of sliced ​​sweetened strawberries spread on a fresh chocolate cake. Sometimes, as an added treat, we filled a six-liter ice cream freezer and made homemade ice cream for it.

Cleaning strawberry beds has never been more fun, especially when we have hundreds of plants and pick the berries to sell. When I was 8 years old, I remember our parents giving us 5 cents a quart. We shuffled one liter basket in a row for our customers with strawberries, and prepared another for us, the whole family. As we neared the end of the season, it seemed endless to fill the quart with these tiny berries.

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