Ten Awesome Pizzerias – Part 1

It’s hard to underestimate the ubiquity of pizza in Israel’s culinary scene. Not only is it served in virtually all Italian restaurants – still the most popular foreign ethnic sector here when it comes to food – it is now on the menu of most cafes and bars.

It also goes without saying that during the long pandemic, pizza delivery has been a lifeline during quarantine. The big winners here have been pizzerias, both local eateries and chains that have mushroomed across the country.

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נאופוליטן, חיפהנאופוליטן, חיפה

Pizza Napoletana

(Photo: Leah Rose Magen)

In recent years, the pizza scene has even begun to acquire the luster that now characterizes Israeli gastronomy in general. More and more talented chefs choose to specialize in making homemade pizzas, and the title of pizzaiolo (pizza master) has become a badge of honor in the profession.

Now there are even subspecies: thick dough, thin dough and Neapolitan. And to keep pizza accessible to everyone, vegan and gluten-free options are becoming more accessible.

What follows is a list of some of the top five places to eat pizza these days, starting with metropolitan Tel Aviv. This follows our previous look [admittedly now somewhat dated] in a dozen of the best Italian restaurants in Israel – and this is a prelude to the second part, which is planned to include more remote places.

All establishments have menus in English and offer delivery and/or takeaway. As usual, they are not ranked, but listed in alphabetical order.

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Bezz Bezz


(Photo: Buzzy Gordon )

Atmosphere: Small eatery next door in a slightly isolated corner with a few perks – it’s only a few blocks from the beach, which attracts returning patrons at the end of each day, and has no rival restaurants nearby. There are several tables indoors and large picnic tables on the sidewalk, as well as a quick takeaway. Bezzo’s claim to fame: An international magazine ranked him as the 7th best pizza slice in the world.

Opening hours: Daily, 08.00-23.00 (continental breakfast in the morning, pizza from noon)

Pizza: The crust resembles a thick but airy focaccia made from sourdough dough that rises for 72 hours. Unusually for a uncertified kosher pizzeria (because it’s open on Shabbat), it has no meat toppings at all, and the resulting vegetarian pizza is served in square, rectangular slices. However, eight varieties are available on any given day, four of which are permanent, for a total of 16 choices on the weekly menu. There are no gluten-free shortcakes, but the salad menu offers great alternatives.

Drinks: The refrigerated display case is stocked with cans and bottles of natural juices, local and imported beers – quite strong and exotic – and even wines and pre-made cocktails.

Other menu items: Cheese balls (a mixture of three cheeses baked into a roll); baked pasta with various sauces and additives (for example, pizza toppings); and a considerable variety of generously portioned salads. Homemade desserts – tiramisu and chocolate crispy yeast cake.

We recommend: Pizza Roma (tomatoes, artichokes, parmesan and mozzarella), Pizza Shifka (pepper, spinach leaves, mushrooms) and Caprese salad.

Bezzo Pizza. Not kosher. st. Yarkon, 22, corner of st. Zerubavel 9, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 559-5905.

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brooklyn brooklyn


(Photo: Buzzy Gordon )

Atmosphere: Brooklyn is part of a respected Tel Aviv pizza family, part of the same group that owns HaPizza and Shine. [Café]. There are two branches: a veteran one in northern Dizengoff and a newer one near Masaryk Square. The latter is furnished with multi-colored metal chairs and tables, mostly on the sidewalk outside, while the interior space is decorated like basketball stands. Children love to climb here and the whole place is especially suitable for families.

Opening hours: Sun-Wed, 16.00-23:30; Thu. 16.00–0.00; Sat, 13.00–23.30; closed on Fridays. The branch in Dizengoff has a similar schedule, but in most cases it closes a little earlier.

Pizza: As the name suggests, the pizza is made in true New York style, meaning unabashedly thin crust and superb flexibility. The dough (the same as in other restaurants of the family) is clean and healthy, without butter, eggs and sugar. The pizza menu consists of three categories: vegetarian, meat and vegan, with a white variant (bianca) in the first two. Pizza is sold either in slices or as a giant tray that can seat up to four people. There are no gluten free options.

Drinks: Mostly soft drinks, with only two (but notable) alcoholic beverages – imported draft beer and homemade refreshing frozen margaritas. [currently at the King George branch, coming soon to Dizengoff].

Other menu items: There are no side dishes or alternatives to pizza at all. The only exception is one dessert made from the same dough as the pizza, Nutella calzone.

Recommended: The Carnivore (with three types of meat); Corned beef; and Green Goddess (vegan, white).

Brooklyn pizza. Not kosher. 88 King George St./276 Dizengoff. Tel. (03) 687-7748 or (03) 902-5040.

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La Tigre La Tigre

La Tigre

(Photo: Buzzy Gordon )

Atmosphere: A quirky design pizzeria restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv’s trendy Florentine district. There is indoor seating at the bar and tables, as well as outdoor seating at high tables with a live soundtrack that can be heard throughout the venue. As one of south Tel Aviv’s culinary stars, it can get crowded. La Tigre’s slogan, which takes its name from the striped Italian pizza oven, is unforgettable: “Eat Naples and die.”

Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 17:00-01:00; Fri-Sat, 13.00-01.00; closed on Sundays.

Pizza: This is the only pizzeria in the city that is a member of the Pizzaiuoli Napoletani Association, which testifies to the Italian origin, ingredients and products of La Tigre, whose pizzeria chef was trained in Naples. The dough here is the result of a 72-hour process, while the 14 signature pizzas include classic red (with tomato sauce), white (bianca) and vegan options (but gluten-free). Before you start eating, the waitress will instruct you on how to cut the entire pizza with scissors.

Drinks: The bar serves classic cocktails, but many of them have a twist that puts them in the signature category (like amarena gin). There are also Italian and French beers, both on tap and in bottles, and a limited but sufficient list of Italian wines (all available by the glass).

Other Menu Items: La Tigre has a no-pizza menu that’s nearly as good as the main event, six Italian-style appetizers whose ingredients can make a whole meal even for those on a carb abstainer. And the same goes for desserts, which are listed in a separate menu.

Recommended: cauliflower with caper aioli, sweet potato brulee (non-pizza section of the menu); Fiamma (spinach cream) and. pizza Carciofi (artichokes); and baked pineapple (dessert)

La Tigre. Not kosher. st. Edidia Frankel, 9, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 632-5359.

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Pizza Porto Pizza Porto

Pizza Porto

(Photo: Buzzy Gordon )

Atmosphere: This network has grown to cover much of central Israel with four branches from Airport City to Sharon. It boasts the largest rooms of any item on this list, which lives up to its motto “Italian for the day” (starting with a business lunch). There is indoor and outdoor seating and a decent soundtrack.

Opening hours: Daily, 12.00-23.00.

Pizza: There are no less than 12 specialty pizzas, including a basic porto that you can add a variety of traditional toppings to. What sets these pizzas apart is the fact that they can all be ordered with a gluten-free crust and/or vegan cheese.

Drinks: There is a full-page Drinks menu with three sections: cocktails (classic and specialty), wine (red, white and rosé, all on tap) and beer – one imported beer on tap and three interesting ones in bottles. (including gluten free!).

Other Menu Items: Pizza Porto boasts the most comprehensive menu of any on this list, with four main non-pizza sections on the menu: Antipasti (appetizers), salads, Principale (main courses), and pasta (again, all with gluten). free and vegan options).

Recommended: Arancini (antipasto); Bacon Pizza (smoked goose breast), Breakfast Pizza (fried egg, sunny side up); Cheesecake (dessert)

Pizza Porto. Not kosher. st. Sokolova, 93, Ramat Hasharon (plus three more branches), tel. (03) 800-0888.

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superpizza superpizza


(Photo: Buzzy Gordon )

Atmosphere: The restaurant is conveniently located on a key corner in Lewontin. Diners sit at tables inside and enjoy the wafting aroma of delicious pizza slices, while others can sit in the pleasant outdoor area (heated in winter). It is self service when ordering and the waiters are friendly and efficient.

Opening hours: Daily, 12.00-0.00.

Pizza: A Roman-style pizza with a focaccia-like crust conceived by gourmet chef David Frankel, made (in the restaurant’s own words) from “selected flours, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt.” [and] endless toppings…” Indeed, what sets SuperPizza apart is its focus on sourcing imported cheeses and premium meats for the toppings that are piled on each rectangular slice. There are at least 21 types of pizza to choose from on any given day. Sometimes there are also funny double-dough pizza sandwiches. There are a limited number of vegan (but not gluten free) options.

Drinks: Good selection of imported Italian soft drinks, beer and wine. Notable is Peroni on tap, which is sold at a happy hour price of 1+1 throughout the day.

Other items on the menu are a rather limited selection of salads – burrata (also called antipasto) or caesar – and desserts, which are constantly changing but usually include tiramisu.

Recommended: Anything filled with an incredible variety of delicious imported smoked meats/sausages. A good vegetarian option is potato cream topped with crumbled feta cheese and scallions.

Superpizza. Not kosher. Levontin 19, Tel Aviv. Tel. (03) 743-4499


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