The 10 Best Restaurants near the Phoenix Convention Center

Phoenix is ​​a great place to grab a slice of pizza dressed up as Doctor Strange.

If you’re downtown visiting this year’s Phoenix Fan Fusion at the Phoenix Convention Center, or frankly, if you’re downtown for whatever reason, there are plenty of buzzy new restaurants within a 10 or 15 minute walk. which are worth checking out.

I’m not exactly a dining superhero, but I’ve eaten at a heroic number of places around Phoenix and I can vouch for every restaurant on this list.

From fancy spicy chicken sandwiches to Cambodian cocktails and an animal-themed cocktail bar with an entire section of the menu dedicated to bread, here are some fun places to try right now in the city center.

For a quick lunch, try Monroe’s Hot Chicken.

Fried chicken sandwich at Monroe's Hot Chicken in downtown Phoenix.

Monroe’s is a great option for a quick lunch in a casual setting. Just before the start of the pandemic, I decided to try every major Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich in the state. And Monroe’s was first on my list of favorites. These sandwiches have a hot sauce that I couldn’t find anywhere else. And this is not surprising, since a small menu of chicken sandwiches is the work of local legend Larry White from LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles. This man knows his stuff, from batter to fresh and crunchy pickles.

Details: W. Jefferson, 45, Phoenix. 602-872-7100,

Why I love Monroe:When I lived in Tucson, these restaurants were worth going to

For a bite to eat at your local pub, try the Cornish Pasty Co.

What is a paste?  This is a puff pastry stuffed with savory ingredients.  The traditional pie, a staple food for miners in Cornwall, England, is filled with steak, potatoes, onions and rutabagas with a red wine sauce.

The popular Tempe pub in the city center is a wood-paneled, three-story pie temple. The restaurant offers over 40 different types of British hand pie, from traditional shepherd’s pie to vegan tikka masala, Greek chicken and New Mexican adovada. Come hungry because they are quite filling. Especially when paired with a pint, which I highly recommend.

Details: W. Monroe 7, Phoenix. 602-374-8500,

For a solid slice, try the Via Della Slice Shop.

A slice of white sesame crust cake at the Via Della Slice Shop in downtown Phoenix.

Via Della pierced my heart with its irresistible flavor combinations. Cheesy white pie is just perfection. Each bite has the sweet touch of caramelized onion that melts right into the oily mozzarella. Topped with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for added appeal, the fillings are fairly simple and restrained, right down to the sesame seed-studded crust. The store also makes the average granny square, and its iconic phoenix pie with spiced soppressate and homemade hot honey is a wonder.

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