“The pizza experience at Liverpool Gusto was the most fun I have ever had in a restaurant.” – Phoebe Barton

Gusto Liverpool has recently launched a brand new pizzeria which includes making their own pizzas and cannoli toppings under the guidance of a pizza owner and chef.

I visited Gusto in Albert Dock for an experience. Designed for parties of six to 10 people, you sit at the chef’s table and meet the pizza owner, who will entertain you for two hours with tips and information about the ingredients used.

Pizzeria owner Danny greeted us warmly and asked six of us to put on our Gusto aprons before sitting down and enjoying a complimentary fizzy drink. Then Danny made us an important announcement that whoever makes the best pizza will get their Gusto apron – challenge accepted!

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Before starting the task, we were served antipasti boards consisting of cheeses, bread, Parma ham and olives, as well as three different flavors of dough petals – garlic, pork and tomato (vegan). The appetizers were delicious and whetted our appetite for the main event.

The starter included two dividing boards for snacks.

Danny came over, scattering flour all over the table so we could try rolling the dough into balls. The pizza chef was there to show us the best technique to achieve the perfect round shape. Since the dough takes time to proof, we used pre-made dough balls.

Then the next task began – rolling and pinning your own pizza bases. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, which became apparent when we all had bases of varying sizes, and some had holes or no crust at all, but we got our way in the end.

We were shown how to roll the dough into a perfect ball.
We were shown how to roll the dough into a perfect ball.

Once we’ve reached our desired size and thickness, it’s time to add our toppings. With so many fresh ingredients, I couldn’t help but add quite a few. I chose mozzarella, chicken, Parma ham, red onion, red pepper and fresh tomatoes, sprinkled with parmesan.

While our pizza was in the oven, we were taken to the bar to relax with our drinks while taking in the views of the Albert Dock. It didn’t take long for the pizza to be ready, so we were soon back at the chef’s table, ready to devour our creations. I have to say, mine was just amazing – I think I found a new calling.

I chose mozzarella, chicken, parma ham, red onion, red pepper, tomato and parmesan.
I chose mozzarella, chicken, parma ham, red onion, red pepper, tomato and parmesan.

If you can’t eat all your pizza, you can pick it up in a Gusto pizza box. This is perfect if you want to have room for the last element of your pizza, the toppings and cannoli garnish for dessert.

Danny showed us the best way to use a piping bag – his instructions included some cheeky innuendo – and I have to say that was probably my favorite part of the evening. There was a lot of laughter as each of us tried to fill our cannoli boxes perfectly with sweetened ricotta. As a dessert lover, being able to choose which sauces and toppings to dip my cannoli in was a dream come true. I opted for the Biscoff sauce and chopped pistachios, which was a delicious combination.

Each of us prepared and decorated cannoli for dessert.
Each of us prepared and decorated cannoli for dessert.

It’s safe to say that our whole company really liked Gusto pizza, and it lived up to our expectations. Sometimes when you see the phrase “do it yourself pizza” it’s literally just adding toppings to a ready-made base, but Gusto’s experience was the real challenge.

It’s great that the chef’s table is also in the center of the restaurant, as you can soak up the hectic atmosphere. Our pizza host Danny was absolutely delighted and made it even more enjoyable.

Priced at £45 per person, I think Gusto pizza is perfect for special occasions or if you want something a little different from your usual meal. The pizza experience is by far the most fun I have ever had in a restaurant. You can order Liverpool Gusto here.

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